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Want a wine list with hidden gems, great quality for the price and aligned with the ethos of your restaurant that can pair well with the food you serve? Contact Vidya to create a customised wine list for your restaurant that will empower your guests to make informed wine choices.

Hosting a party and want to know what wines pair best with the food you’re planning and not sure how many bottles to get? Vidya can help you with her personalised and friendly advice.

You are overwhelmed by the choices of wine at supermarkets and restaurants and want to know how to choose wine better. Why not schedule a personalised palate preference workshop with Vidya?

You and your friends / family want to enjoy wine without heavy information on weather and soil. You can be an armchair wine traveler exploring the world via wine. Connect with Vidya to schedule a private (virtual) wine tasting for your group 🙂

Contact Vidya if you would like to speak with her on:

  • Importer – Retailer connections
  • Investment in Food and Wine
  • Social Media Collaborations

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