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Personalised Palate Preference Workshops

Imagine either of these scenarios:

  • You are in a supermarket
    • you wish you knew the kind of wines you will actually enjoy, but you are now overwhelmed with choices at the supermarket and perhaps you only choose the ones you think you like?
    • You wish someone would help you choose wines for yourself based on a grape or wine style.
  • You are at a restaurant that offers a range of wines
    • You don’t know what wines you actually like, and you go for the one that you recognise
    • You wish you knew what to tell the sommerlier about your preferred style of wines so he / can recommend something to pair with the food you are about to order

Fear not…. you can reach out to Vidya to understand your palate preference and the style of wines that will most appeal to your palate. But… how exactly will this work? A personalised palate preference workshop will include:

  • A series of three to four 90 minute to two hour workshops each where you will get to try
  • Six to eight small glasses of wine per session (okay, these are more like a few sips)
  • Pairing of these wines with some nibbles: olives, nuts, cheese and crackers / bread and charcuterie so you understand food and wine pairings
  • A form to capture your preferences and notes
  • A non-judgemental environment where you can ask any question about wine or food pairing with wines

At the end of this series of workshops, you will have

  • A personalised recommendation of the wine style that you most prefer
  • Basic principles of food and wine pairing
  • and most importantly, the CONFIDENCE to choose wines at a supermarket or from a restaurant menu or to talk to a sommelier to tell them your preferred style of wines

Contact Vidya at hello@winewithvidya to discuss logistics and pricing